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June 19th, 2009 / 12pm
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Free Photoshop Signature PSDs!

Hey everyone, time for some free signature PSDs! I’ve gathered these great looking signatures, one photoshop signature created by Roroni, one photoshop signature created by nfx, and one photoshop signature created by castro. These PSD files should help you discover some new techniques and effects. Feel free to experiment and play around with these PSD files, however please respect the artists and do not claim to have made them yourself. I will be giving out more free signature PSD files in the future, so make sure to check back soon!

First of all, the Chronus Crusade signature (2 versions) created by Castro:

Free Photoshop Signature PSD

Download this signature.

The Full Metal Alchemist (?) signature, created by Roroni:

Photoshop Free PSD signature

Download this signature.

This Sprite signature, created by nfx:

Sprite signature PSD file

Download this signature.

What’s next?

I have several signatures that I am considering to write about. I plan to have it finished by next week. I would also like to write about another large piece artwork. I have my eye on a good looking retro piece that I will post an update about this week or the next. Would you like even more signature PSD files? The premium section holds extra PSDs, tutorials, and more! sign up now!

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