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April 27th, 2009 / 7pm
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Final Fantasy Signature Tutorial

Welcome to this Final Fantasy Signature Tutorial. We will use the Filter Liquify tool to create some unique effect of flow, a light beam effect and we will grab two space stock pictures to achieve the final result. We used this render of the Final Fantasy Character Kain. The Space stock photos can be found on DeviantArt, links were provided below. More signature tutorials are coming soon, inspired by Roronis awesome work. Here’s the outcome of this Final Fantasy Signature Tutorial:

Final Fantasy Signature Tutorial

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Start by creating a new signature, the size was set to 420pixels by 130 pixels.

Final Fantasy Signature Start

We will use a spacestock as a background. Before you grab just about any picture, make sure the author has given permission for you to use it. You can find the Space Stock photo here. Resize it to fit somewhere nicely onto your canvas:

Space Stock

Place the Final Fantasy Render on your signature. Resize if needed:

Final Fantasy Kain

We’re going to add some coloring. Grab a soft brush, and change the opacity and flow on the toolbar a little:

Soft Brush

Brush toolbar:

Brush settings

Use the eyedropper tool to select a color on the canvas, and set it a little lighter. Brush into the direction that matches your render, in our case it follows the flow of his weapon:

Brush lightly

Place the layer underneath the character. Optionally, you can set the blending mode to Color Dodge:


Now we’re grabbing another starry sky stock, and place this on top. You can find good Space Stock photos here.

Star sky stock

Now change this layers’ blending mode to Lighten on your layer panel:

Layer panel blending mode

This should blend the stars into the background:

Final Fantasy

We’re going to be making some light beams with the elliptical marquee tool. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool:

elliptical marquee tool

Make a selection somewhere near your character:

Make a selection for the light beam

Now stroke this selection, by going Edit > Stroke, and set the color to white. Set the Width to about 3 pixels. Here are our settings:

Stroke settings

Press OK, you should now have a white circle like selection going around:

Light Beam

Now apply an outer glow to this circle, by selection Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow. Set the blend mode to Linear Dodge, and opacity to 100%, and select a bright color with the eyedropper tool:

Outer glow settings


Light Beam tutorial

We’re going to make some mor ebeams. Grab a soft brush:

Soft Brush

And make two lines on your signature, following the flow of the character:

Apply the same Outer Glow to these lines:

Light Beam outcome

Add some light brushing on top of the lines. We’re going to apply another outer glow to this to add some lighting:

Brush with a light color

Outer Glow settings ( Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow):

change the layer style

This will give the beam a lighter touch. Optionally, you can set the blending mode to Color Dodge for a brighter result:

Set to color dodge

Finish up the beams, add some final glow and effects to the beams:

small beam

We’re going to use the Liquify function to create some “waves” around our character. First, Create a new layer, and apply the image (Image > Apply Image):

Apply Image

Now Select Filter > Liquify, and select the Forward Warp Tool in the top left corner:

Forward warp tool

Change the brush size in the top right corner to about 130 pixels, and start warping the layer to form some sort of beam:

liquify brush settings

Warp it into a shape that will fit around the character. Keep going untill you get an outcome you like:

liquify Twirls

Place the beam on your character, and erase the section covering the end of our Final Fantasy Kain character. This will make it seem as if the beam is going around our character.

Liquify result

Now Change this layers’ blending mode to Pin Light:

Change blending mode

Time to fix some lighting. Apply the image on a new layer:

Apply Image

Now grab the burn or dodge tool, and start brushing and fixing some lighting:

Photoshop Dodge and Burn tool


Final Fantasy

Now we’re going to use the Liquify function once again, combined with the smudge tool to create some distortion in the bottom corner. Select the smudge tool:

Photoshop Smudge Tool

Smudge, liquify warp forward tool until you like the outcome:

Smudge the corner

We’re going to apply a Selective Color. Obviously, you should select your own settings. However, here are our settings to illustrate a possible outcome. To create a selective color layer, select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color:

Selective Color


Final Fantasy Sig tutorial

We’re going to add some final finishing touches by applying a Color Balance adjustment Layer, and the dodge and burn tool to create some depth. First, add a color balance layer by selecting Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance:

Color Balance

Photoshop Dodge and Burn tool

I will not be displaying our settings, because our settings will not work unless you have the exact same colors. Just experiment with the settings.

Our outcome:

Lighting Fixes

Optionally, you can use the smudge tool to distort the beam:

Photoshop Smudge Tool

Add some text, finnishing touches, and you’re done!

Final Fantasy Signature

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Premium Members will now be able to download the PSD in the Premium Section. Join Now!

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