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June 13th, 2009 / 1pm
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Final Fantasy Photoshop Signature Tutorial

In this photoshop signature tutorial we will be making a Final Fantasy signature, using a final fantasy render, the photsohop liquify filter, a cinema4d render, and splatter brushes. The PSD file can be downloaded in the Premium section. You can find the Final Fantasy render here. The cinema4d render we used can be downloaded here. I placed instructions on how to color the render properly to match the color of your signature in the tutorial. I am not allowed to share the splatter brushes here, however you should find plenty of good brushes online. Let’s get started, here’s the result of the tutorial:

Final Fantasy Photoshop Signature Tutorial

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Start by creating a new file, the size was set to 385 pixels by 110 pixels:

Photoshop PSD signature

Place the render you want to use (we used the Final Fantasy render that can be downloaded here) on your canvas. Don’t resize it yet, we will use this to create a background.

final fantasy render

Select Filter > Liquify, and use the swirl tool to transform the render. Using the liquify tool we can create a nice signature background:

Liquify settings

We’ve covered the left part of the signature:


Duplicate the layer , and move it around to fill the entire signature with the liquified final fantasy character:

Liquified final fantasy

We will be using this cinema4d render. You can easily make the cinema4d renders color match the color of the final fantasy or whatever render you selected by using a Hue/Saturation adjustment. Press CTRL + U, and change the Hue around (make sure you didn’t check Colorize, the outcome will not look as good).

Coloring the signature render

This is the render shown on the signature:

Cinema4d Render

Change the blending mode to Lighten:

Lighten Blending mode

Add your render on the signature, on top of the cinema4drender:

Final Fantasy character

Duplicate the cinema4d render, and move it to the side and over your final fantasy character,

Final Fantasy signature

Change the blending mode of this layer to Lighten as well:

Photoshop Lighten

Using the render, we will create more detail with the Liquify filter. Add the render on top again:

FF render

Select Filter > Liquify, and use the eraser tool to remove some parts of the character:

Photoshop Liquify the render

We’ve only kept the right side, going over her shoulder:

Liquified signature

Add the cinema4d render on top again. We’re going to create some detail to the left of the character:

c4d render on signature

Erase everything that covers the final fantasy character, by CTRL + Clicking on the layer image:

Layer Panel

Delete and erase the render:

Erasing the render

Repeat this step a few times, add detail around your character by placing the cinema4d render on top and erasing it:

Add the render on top

Change the blending mode of the cinema4d render to Lighten:

Change the lighting

Create a few light sources by using the eyedropper tool, and tap with a soft brush underneath your character:

Photoshop Lighting fixing

Change the blending mode to Screen:

Blending mode Screen

Use the eyedropper tool again to select a color from your character. Then using splatter brushes, tap once or twice or twice on your signature.

Blue splatter brush

Select a contrasting color, and brush on the signature again:

White splatter brushing

We’re going to blur some parts of the signature by using the Blur Tool. To do this, first we have to apply the image on a new layer by selecting Imaeg > Apply Image:

Apply the image

Select the Blur tool:

Photoshop Blur Tool

Use the blur tool to create depth on the signature, you can do this by keeping the focal point untouched, and gradually blurring to the sides of the signature:

Photoshop Signature Tutorial blurring

We’re going to add some more depth by changing the lighting. First, Apply the image on a new layer again:

Apply the image

Then press CTRL + U to bring up the Hue/Saturation window. Now, drag the Lightness bar down:

photoshop Shading instructions

This will darken your image, our result shown below:

Final Fantasy Signature Darkened

Grab the eraser tool, and erase around your focal point. Make sure you select a soft brush, and play around with the opacity to achieve the best looking result:

Eraser tool settings

Outcome after fixing the depth:

Darkened layer

We’re going to add a light source underneath the final fantasy render again. Use the eyedropper tool to select a color from your signature, and tap with a soft brush once or twice underneath your character:

Add light brushing

Change the blending mode of the brushing to either Screen or Lighten:

Change the blending mode to screen

Time for your finishing touches, optionally you can sharpen with the shrapen tool, add some more splattering, or your text. This brings us to our final result:

Final Fantasy photoshop signature tutorial

We hope you’ve enjoyed this signature tutorial. Premium members can download the PSD file in the premium section. Optionally, you can join for as low as 6 dollars! Feel free to ask questions or comment about the result!

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