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May 3rd, 2009 / 12pm
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Code Geass Signature tutorial 2

Welcome to this CodeGeass Photoshop Signature tutorial. We will be using a code geass character, a large render, and special filter effects to achieve the final result. You can find plenty of renders in our temporary renders download section. You can download the specific signature render that we’ve used here. The signature was designed by Roroni. You can download the PSD in the premium member section.

CodeGeass Signature

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Start by creating a new file in Photoshop (File > New), our size was set to 420 pixels by 130 pixels. The first few steps will be used to create some detail in the signature, we will then continue changing colors and lighting.

codegeass signature tutorial

Apply some sort of texture on the canvas to get some detail. Here, a cracked texture was used.

Cracks stock

We’re going to use some splatter brushes, with a bright red color. It’s best to create new layers (CTRL + SHIFT + N) every time you brush, so you keep maximum control of the looks.

Splatter Brush

Some more splatters on a new layer with the same red bright color.

large splatter

Change the blending mode of the last splattering to Multiply:

Change the blending mode

We’re going to add a cinema4d render on the signature. You can find some renders in our resources section. The render that was used can be found here.

Add a render

Change the blending mode of the render to Screen:

Set the blending mode to screen

Add your render to the signature. The good thing about this render is that we can work with his hand to create some special effect. Try finding a render that has some activity in it that you can use.

Code Geass character

Add another render on top of character, and rotate it (CTRL + T) to follow the flow of the character (in this case, his arm):

Add a cinema4d render

We’ve added the same render that we’ve added a few steps back on top of the signature again, and used the eraser tool to remove some areas covering our Code Geass character.

another Cinema4d render

We’re going to create a glowing sphere in her hand. Select the brush tool, and pick a decent size soft brush:

Photoshop Brush

With a yellow color, tap once on top of his hand:

Hand Dot

Apply a bright outer glow to it, with the following settings:

Outer Glow Settings

This is what the sphere looks like on a black background:

CodeGeass Signature Tutorial

We will be erasing some of it to make it seem as if its inside of his hand. To make the erasing a little easier, CTRL + Click on the layer of the character. This will turn it into a selection.

Ctrl Click on the character

Zoom in and carefully erase with a small brush, parts of the yellow sphere:

Use the eraser Tool

Using the smudge tool, we will be creating some sort of light flow that comes out of his hand. First, tap again with a soft brush, then use the smudge tool to create some light flow coming out between his fingers:

Photoshop Smudging

This is the light brushing shown on a black background:

Photoshop brushing

Result shown on the signature:

brushing glow

Apply the same outer glow that we used earlier:

Photoshop Outer Glow settings

Outcome of the glowing sphere in his hand:

Outer glow

We’re going to make his eye color match the red background a little more. Pick a small brush, and tap on top of his eyes with a bright red color:

Eye brushing

Set the blending mode to Color, and reduce the opacity to 80%:

Eye color manipulated

Apply the image on a new layer (Image > Apply Image). Then, select Filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple:

Photoshop Ocean ripple

Play around with the settings a little. This is our image with an Ocean Ripple applied:

Ocean Ripple result

Now erase most of it, keep some sections of the render surrounding our character, and the light sphere coming out of his hand:

Erase the ocean Ripple

Change this layers blending mode to Lighten:

Change the blending mode to Lighten

We’re going to add a Color Balance adjustment layer. You should be using your own settings, as our settings probably won’t work for your signature. Here are our settings anyway to illustrate an example. To create a color balance layer, select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance:

Color Balance instructions

Outcome of the color balance adjustment layer:

Code Geass

We don’t want the Color Balance to cover the code geass character. Click on the adjustment layer, and start brushing with darkish grey over your character:

Photoshop Layer Panel

This is our outcome:

Layer Panel Brushing

Time to add another color to the signature. We will be using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer for this. To create a Hue/Saturation layer, select Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation…

In the adjustment layer, select Master from the dropdown menu, and move the Hue bar around.

Hue Saturation edit

Our outcome:


We’re going to use a splatter brush to hide some part of the Adjustment layer. Select the layer mask:

Photoshop layer Panel

And tap with a black color on the layer. This will hide the adjustment layer:

CodeGeass Signature

We think the signature is a little too dark. Using another Hue/Saturation layer, we will lighten it up a little. Once again, select Master from the dropdown menu, then drag the Lightness Bar:

Adjustment Layer

You should also move the saturation if this makes the signature too greyish.

Lighter signature

Add some text to your signature. Select the eyedropper tool to pick colors from your signature:

Add signature text

To finnish it up, select the Dodge and Burn tool, and add some lighting.

Photoshop burn and dodge tool

Go crazy, use some brushing or adjustment layers if you think that finishes it. Sharpen if needed. Our final outcome:

Code Geass Signature

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Premium Members can download the PSD file in the premium section. Good luck!

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