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April 24th, 2009 / 10am

Update: Signature tutorials

Hey everyone, I think with no article added since april 18th, it’s about time for an update. My holiday just started, which means new signature tutorials should be popping up this and the upcoming week. I’ve been looking for some quality signatures to write about, and it seems like I’ve found what I was looking for.  I will be writing about signatures designed by a really talented artist named Roroni. As a premium member, you will be able to enjoy these tutorials before they go public, and ask for support as well as acces to the PSD file. Some of these signatures were made with some unique new effects that are rarely seen, I’m hoping everyone learns a lot out of these tutorials. This is just a sneak peak, there are 3 more only for Premium Members!

Signature Tutorials

This Full Metal Alchemist signature:

Full Metal Alchemist signature

Final Fantasy 4 Signature:

Final Fantasy signature

CodeGeass Signature:

CodeGeass Signature

Killzone Signature:

Killzone Signature

I hope you enjoy the sneak peak at the upcoming tutorials. If anyone has some special requests or needs support, feel free to leave a comment or Contact Us.


As of right now, the Resources section is a little poor. The only thing worth looking at are the renders, which I’ve uploaded hastily. We will be working hard to update this section and to add some sort of gallery and download system that’s easier and better for everyone. I have plenty of resources and stocks at hand, so I think they will be worth looking at. I will also be adding a Signature PSD section where people can download some nice PSD files that I’ve released in the past (and will release in the near future *hint hint*).

So make sure you come back soon for more updates, tutorials, psd files, and more! And remember, if you want to support SignatureStop, consider becoming a Premium Member for extra benefits!

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