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June 8th, 2009 / 7pm

Photoshop Signature Design contest results!

Hey everyone, the judges have voted, and it’s time to post the final outcome and reward the winning designers! I have decided to give the runner up a premium membership as well, which will hopefully encourage you guys to enter the next contest that should follow in the near future! Feel free to give us suggestions and comments below, we’d love to hear your opinion!

How did we decide the winner?

All 3 judges had 6 points to give out, 3 to their favourite signature, 2 to the second, and 1 to their third favourite. The points were given out not only based on the looks of the outcome, but also by looking at the process with which the signature was created and the creativity applied to a signature to give it a “personal touch”, which I believe the winner did a really good job at.

Where are the entries?

A summary of all entries can be found in this post.

I wanted the premium membership :(

Don’t worry, we will have more contests in the future, I will now focus on writing some more tutorials. If you’re impatient, we would really appreciate if you purchase a premium membership, for a small price of$6 you can enjoy extra premium benefits!

On to the results!

On first place, with 8 points, the winner of the signature design contest who will be granted a Premium Membership:

Kaz, with his signature inspired by the Final Fantasy tutorial!!
Photoshop signature

Aaaaand the runner up, also recieving a Premium Membership, with 6 points:
CheesySalsa, with his signature inspired by the Timeshift Photoshop tutorial!
Photoshop design Signature

Honorable Mentions, nice try, keep it up:

Blade recieved 2 points:
Photoshop signature tutorials

MrPurx, recieved 1 point:
Photoshop signature

BonxFire, recieved 1 point:
Photoshop Signature

Thanks for participating everyone!

You guys did a great job, I personally loved all of your entries and I cannot wait to see your entries for the upcoming contest to see how much you guys have improved. Kaz and CheesySalsa, please post a comment using a valid email adres so that we can send you your premium membership information.

Feel free to comment and give us suggestions for the next contest!


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